Dutch Mortgage Index

The LoanClear Dutch Mortgage Index gives a transparent and reliable measure of performance of the Dutch residential mortgage market by combining public data sourced from the European DataWarehouse and non-public data directly from mortgage investors and lenders.

This dashboard shows a market weighted index of the Dutch residential mortgage market from 2017 onwards. Additionally a distinction is made between NHG and non-NHG segments. The chart on top shows the performance over time and attributes the performance to different performance drivers. The chart at the bottom shows the arrears distribution. The peak in 2020 is most likely caused by payment holidays that are reported as arrears.

Next to the public available index LoanClear offers tailor made indices and underlying data.

For more information, please contact: mortgageadvisory@loanclear.com

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Tonko Gast, Founder & CEO
Tonko Gast
Tonko Gast

In 2003 Tonko founded Dynamic Credit in New York and is CEO of Dynamic Credit Group and a (statutory) director of the licensed companies in group. Tonko started his career as fixed income analyst in 1998. In 2000 he joined ABN AMRO Asset Management as an alternative fixed income portfolio manager, managing $250 million in institutional mandates. During the global financial crisis in 2008-2009 Tonko advised the Dutch Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance on the solution for the US mortgage issues ING Bank was facing on a $39 billion portfolio. This advice was subsequently examined by a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission and gave the taxpayer a positive return of €1.4 billion. Tonko studied Monetary Economics at the University of Groningen and continued his studies of Credit Risk Modeling at Stanford Business School in 2000.